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× FM-1000AKE
Ice Shape: Flake
Dimensions (mm): W762-D700-H780
Packed Dimension (mm): W895-D875-H965
Weight (Net/Gross): 146kg / 156kg
Amperage: 12.3A
Starting Amperage: 76A
Electric Consumption: 2490W
Refrigerant Charge: R404a
Heat Rejection: 4470W (3843 kcal/h)
Ice Production per 24 hr: (AT21°C/WT15°C) - 890kg, (AT32°C/WT21°C) - 740kg
Water Consumption per 24hr: (AT21°C/WT15°C) - 0.9m³, (AT21°C/WT15°C) - 1L / 1KG ICE