Hoshizaki Malaysia


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Bartender and Co-Owner, Jenner Cormier of Bar Kismet, shares his award-winning bartending techniques and cocktail recipes using Hoshizaki ice.

Optimized for increased production and energy efficiency, the KMEdge design, is an award winning innovation (Kitchen Innovation 2018).

Trying to choose the perfect ice? Watch this video to find out more on Crescent, Square, Top Hat, Cubelet, and Flaked.

A Case Study: Chatime is the first global teahouse franchise chain, entirely specialised on bubble teas. This outlet in one of Paris’ prime locations serves hundreds of guests every day. 

Hoshizaki cubes are extremely compact, dry, tasteless, consistently identical and slowly melting, allowing just the right amount of dilution – for the right functionality

Take a look at Hoshizaki Beer Dispenser in Malaysia

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